Egg farm Djeni

Egg farm Djeni

“Eco Farm 2005” Ltd. was established in 2005 having the purpose of development of a contemporary, modern factory for production of eggs for consummation.

For the short period of its existence, the company has managed to impose on the market its products under the trade mark “Djeni” and to become one of the leading producers of eggs for consummation in Bulgaria.

At the moment “Eco Farm 2005” Ltd. owns:

  • A farm for productive layers with the capacity of 200 000 birds.
  • A package center for sorting, qualifying and packaging of eggs with the capacity of 54 000 eggs per hour.
  • It’s own transport department.

The excellent results that the company has managed to reach during its existence prove and guarantee our leading role on the eggs for consummation market.

  • In process of development is a center for growing productive layers. The center will consist of two buildings that will fully satisfy the needs of productive layers.